So if you’ve seen some of the recent pictures in our gallery and read the descriptions, you’ll know that the guys here at Everybody have fallen in Love with an iPhone app called “Hipstamatic”.

It does pretty much everything you want from a virtual Lomo camera, but with much less fuss. But what’s Lomography? Well, it is a recognised style of photography based on cheaply produced Russian plastic cameras from yesteryear. For a great explanation and examples of true lomography, have a good look around “here“.

But what of our digital version? Well, there’s been a bunch of photo apps on the iPhone for ages, which do everything from tilt shift mimicry to low-quality lomo shots. But finally Hipstamatic comes to save the day. Heralded by many users as a great piece of software, it is nothing short of brilliant. Being able to change Lenses, Flashes and Films (just as the real world lomos allow) gives an amazing variety of effects that ensure a huge range of results.

Whilst the resulting images are not the highest of resolutions, that isn’t what the result is about. Remember that you don’t have to run down to the photo place in the city to grab your prints at lunch time any more… you simply have them there, ready.

We’re gonna keep posting the pics we take using this great little app, and hopefully you will start your own digital analog album. As ever click the picture above to get a link to the software’s homepage, and if you have an iPhone it is well worth the $1.99 to get you started, then also a few extra dollars for the extra lens/flash/film packs.

Everybody says well done Hip photo people, great product that’s easily worth a few quid/dollars/euros of anyone’s hard earned

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