Happy new year to everyone… 14 days in and we finally got a minute to make our first post of the new year.

As committed Apple users, we were a bit dubious when a colleague pointed us in the direction of a wooden PC, which he told us looked great. PC? Nah, Wooden… Serious? So we went to the link he sent us and to our surprise this little PC looks fantastic. It’s styled by the Korean, Design Hara company, who have made it look like a bunch of the great retro looking machines we see from the great age of 70’s 8 track tapes and home stereo equipment.

The machine itself has a modern inside at least, it’s optical drive is a Blu-Ray player and is geared up to provide enough oomph for your media needs, perfect for HD movies etc. Possibly the most interesting thing is the machine is very low on power usage, meaning less carbon emissions. Options include faster processors, bigger hard drives and somewhat more interestingly, Lamb skin leather covers… Just incase it gets cold.

Each of these little beauties is hand made as ordered, and therefore limited edition. There’s no mention of price (or none that we can find at least), but we don’t expect to pick this up for €200 any time soon…

Everybody says well done Korean fellas, we’re sticking to our Macs for now, but if there was a cool mac based option like that, then we’d be in there.