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tracing a line in the sky


While we are talking about bugs (see previous post – here), here is a little something, something to make you see them in a different way too.

Photographer and videographer Charlie McCarthy produced a video which is simply stunning. By taking a series of long exposure photographs of fireflies flitting around a street light a very surreal video is made when he put them all together. Coupled with a perfect soundtrack, the video is only 43 seconds long but leaves you wanting much, much more.

If you click on the image you can see the video for yourself – posted on – and have click around on Charlie’s channel to see his other works.

Everybody says great work Charlie, it’s great to see how long exposure work can be given an original twist and make something new, good work fella!


“Pimp my beetle” – no, not a vw


Hello there, been a busy week so here’s a quick post that we stumbled on a few days ago while looking for something else… those usually are the best finds don’t you think?

Everybody is unendingly amazed by the things that nature throws up, in this case the tiny details that go into some of the larger beetles on our planet. A group of scientists with good lenses got their photograph on and made a study of these amazing creatures. The colours which are a result are simply stunning, something which you just don’t expect. In my case, growing up in the UK, most beetles we saw were small black things scurrying about in the woods, so it’s even more crazy to me.

As you know usually we end up these posts by praising a designer or someone for what we have just taken to the bloggerdome, so I guess it’s a case of saying good work small beetle fellas for making smaller beetle fellas that look this amazing. Yeah. Erm, click the image to go to see the slideshow on the New York Times website.