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New york city bike racks – the winner


If you were with us back a few months ago, you might have seen the post we did on the New York City bike rack competition that was held to design the bicycle racks to be placed around the city. Have a look if you want more background information, the link is here if you didn’t see it.

Well, the winner has finally been announced. It’s a design by Ian Mahaffy and Maarten De Greeve (Bettlelab) based in Copenhagen (in Denmark), they haev designed the very simple, but very elegant solution to the city’s problem. The hoop is a single piece anchored in the concrete and allowing great access to both sides. Class. In the usual manner, you can click the picture to read more about it at the official blog.

Everybody admires this piece of design a great deal, and wonders if it might happen here in Rotterdam, as the “Bent tubing” which we currently attach our bikes too is starting to look very old, very quickly. Might be interesting to see if it could be a competition run here too. Hmmmm. What would ours look like?


Justin Ponmany


Just a quick post this time, nothing much to say other than we wanted to show everyone these amazing photographs from the Indian born photographer, Justin Ponmany. The works shown here are somewhat strange but are quite beautiful and original in their execution.

It’s been a while since we saw portraiture so captivating and Everybody really recommend you take a few moments to check out these stunning photographs, as usual, click the picture above to see the images.

the one-77 project – Cutting edge craftsmanship


Not very often does a designer get an amazing brief. We seem to be lucky here at Everybody, we get some great ones, but we are open minded and remember that we have a commercial responsibility.

Now. When you are the head of design at a world renowned sports car company, you grab the chance to produce a piece which is ‘definitive’ and marks the mark as far as the future of the company and the whole sports car genre. That was pretty much the brief that was given to Marek Reichman by Ulrich Betz, CEO of Aston Martin. The idea was to inject all the beauty and emotion that Aston Martin can put into a car. Distil that further and you basically have to produce a piece of hand crafted Art. The Brand Essence poured into a bottle and sold as a car.

Before you rush out and buy one, there is a very limited edition of only 77 of these – which are probably already sold, even at the £1,000,000 pound price tag. If you want to make it even more perfect, you can tailor it to match your needs, tastes and driving style.

It is also worth noting that this is the first completely new, from the ground up Aston Martin since the brand was sold to the Ford group. The great thing for us as Brand designers is that Aston really understand the need to communicate their brand in the best way they can, produce the best car they have ever made and show off their abilities, simple as that. For now, though, Everybody will make do with looking at pictures of the car as it is a true piece of art in the truest sense of the meaning.

Hot hose

As we’ve already mentioned, it’s getting colder and colder now the nights are drawing in a little, and since the heating is needed most days now, we thought we’d show you this new radiator concept from Ad Hoc, designed by Stefano Ragaini and Giorgio Di Tullio. As you see, its design is based on the old traditional garden hose, which most of us have outside the house or in a shed somewhere knocking around.

The real beauty of this idea is that the hose is, as a hose would be, movable, thus allowing you to put a portion of it nearer the couch or wherever you need it to be to get warm, the website even suggests that it could be coiled up in the bed to warm it up before you go to sleep. The list of useful possibilities is as long as the coil itself. Simple. Pure genius.

The designers are a pair of Italians who have produced pieces in the past for Ad Hoc using steels of various descriptions and with the addition of Ciussaì to their portfolio, confirm themselves in Everybody’s eyes as a duo worth keeping track of.

Good work Italian lads, we’re warming to your ideas… See, warming, warming to your ideas, oh, if I’ve got to explain it, it just doesn’t work.