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Printing in the third dimension…

With the advert of technology comes the reality of ideas. Sounds like a bit of a high brow quote for me to say, but it is something which is true. I make it in reference to one of the more desirable things I have recently seen on the internet. In fact it is hands down the most desirable thing I’ve seen in years.

The advent I am talking about is something we have been keeping on the radar for a while now, it’s the developments in Desktop Prototyping. The value and possibilities of it are, pretty much endless. The system is, to all intents and purposes, a desktop printer, which is capable of generating your concepts with the added depth of a third dimension. Nice.

There is already a large internet based community who are creating objects which you can download and use, like cutlery and cups etc. The process has been around for years, but is now within the reach of the average designer to bring in house, as this machine is available for only $4995 – which, as they rightly point out, is the same as a good laser printer would cost you 20 years ago. How long will it be before every design studio in the world has one of these next to the colour printer?

Everybody wants one of these. And if the wife is reading… yes, I now know what I want for Christmas. Thanks.


Brodie Neill

We just wanted to bring this chair by Australian Designer Brodie Neill to the attention of everyone out there. It’s a simple continuous shape which is representative of the ever popular @ symbol on our keyboards. It’s produced in the ultra-light and ultra-cool Carbon fibre, with a chrome finish and looks brilliant.

This versatile designer has many great seating options which are produced in ay varied materials including a carpet and aluminium combination which sounds just as interesting as it looks. His forms are more often than not very organic in nature and if placed in an industrial setting would provide a great foil to the bare brick walls, looking even more stunning.

A great tip is to keep an eye out for his Chase Longe made from laminating many different materials, from fibre board to PVC and then CNC machining the shape out of the resulting block of colours. Stunning.

If you want to check out his work you can click the image above to go to his website for more images of his works and information about the designer.

Everybody likes shiny.

Painting in public

Since we have been ignoring the more painterly aspects of the arts recently, we thought we would introduce you to a friend we made recently who is painter, based in Austin, TX, in the United States of America. She is a like minded individual with a good ability to capture the moment and its movement. Painting quickly and with confident strokes her work captures the feeling in the local coffee shops she frequents in and around the city of Austin.

Everybody likes her style which is has a quite European feeling, impressionistic in nature and feels like it is painted with vigour. We recommend you have a look at her work over at her blog, which you can link to by clicking the picture above.

Thanks Lavanna, it’s good to see painting be brought back out of the studio again and into the public eye, keep up the good work.

Scandinavia is still hot

Of recent it’s started to get quite cold in northern Europe which is not surprising as winter is coming… In fact, as I look out of the window here at Everybody Towers the huge clouds headed our way up the river seem to be Winter itself. Good job I brought my coat this morning.

Anyway, one place that is still hot is Scandinavia, which – for years, has been a great source of inspiring design in many forms to a great number of designers around the world. So it’s only fair to show you the work of one designer from the northern reaches of the continent for whom we have a great deal of respect, Matti Klenell, A Swedish native, who creates many wonderous items in glass and other materials.

In the years since he started his own studio at the turn of the century, he has won many awards and worked for some large clients and furniture makes, Including the Dutch company Moooi. One of our favourite pieces by him is these beautiful glass sculptures which are created in blown and solid glass. They are on show as part of the permanent collection at the Swedish National Museum in Stockholm. The picture above shows a perfect example of how his feeling for form and shape shows through his work.

If you click on the image it will take you to his website, where you can see many other items designed by this talented Swede.

Everybody likes glass, and everybody likes nice things. Everybody likes Matti’s work.

Tim Gasperak

Every now and then we have a look around the worlds photographers’ work to see if there is anything new or inspiring kicking around their websites. Every now and then out of those now and thens, one really sticks out as a great and wonderful photographer. With a broad body of work which encompasses everything from people to landscapes, this time Tim Gasperak, based in San Francisco, is that stand out photographer and Everybody wanted to show you his work.

The Image shown above is one of 15 images on his website from a trip to Iceland, which is a great looking place to start with, but the manner in which Tim has captured this stunning place is quite incredible. Having looked at the landscape for years as a source of inspiration, these photos leave me with a sense of scale which is so oft lacking in many landscape shots I see.

Everybody just wanted to say well done Tim. You can see more of his work by clicking the picture above to go to his site. The four selections on show are well worth a good look around.

Sorapot – like a teapot but very nice looking

OK, the teapot is a little bit defunct in general terms these days due to the tea bag and our seemingly endless need to speed things up. Now I’m admittedly a bit of a tea addict (surprisingly for an Englishman, I know) and guzzling down so much of it each day means a tea pot for me it not that much use, I’ve too much to do rather than “mashing”.

But. I love this tea pot for it’s form and its simplicity and it would make me use it each time, just to see the brew forming in the water you added. The way the pot functions is also beautiful, hinged in the middle of the handle and folded back together when the water and tea are in, secured by a metal rod along the bottom of the pot.

It’s available now for between $200 and $250 depending on what you want, brushed or polished steel. If you are interested in packaging, by the way, it also comes quite beautifully packaged. Buy one online by clicking the picture above. We’re getting one, but let us know when you’re coming round for tea, cos we’ll need to buy some good stuff to use in it.

Record of time

Everybody likes to track what they were doing and when things happened. It’s part of life, memories and the such like.

British designer Mark Owens has come up with this clock that prints out the time and a little blank area which allows you to write your thoughts for that particular time. Simply press the button and out prints the paper receipt, write your thoughts on it and file it, or throw it away.

Everybody wants one of these, but hooked up to the internet, and using some kind of interface linked to Twitter, we can see what people are saying at what time… mmmmm.