Welcome to the new year… it’s been a busy busy time for a couple of months for Everybody, so if you’re still with us, then thanks fro checking back.

Anyway, we’re kicking this year off with this great light concept from the Spanish company called MERRY. Based in Spain their interest is improving lives and injecting a style with value for money. The work shown on the website is a huge and varied range, which encompasses everything from lighting to bottle design and tables to exhibition stands. Each piece is a really strong element in a great overall portfolio.

Ziplamp is a great idea. Putting a floor standing light inside a zipped neoprene suit to allow an adjustable amount of light out. No variable resistors, no over the top tech. Classic. The principle of variable light is something I love, as I hate strong light while I am trying to read or work, so being able to soften the light off in such an unusual manner is, for me, a great idea. Two or three of these in the office is a must.

Everybody says good work Spanish fellas. As ever, click the picture above to go to their site and explore their work.