Those of you who know our older posts, will be familiar with the fact that we LOVE the idea of Rapid Prototyping, we previously blogged about a desktop prototyper which is available for around $5,000. But recently one of our favourite sources of inspiration, Make Magazine, started to produce their own machine, which in their own inimitable style you have to build from a kit.

Ladies and Gentlemen, what you see above is the Makerbot industries “Cupcake”, sure it looks a little like you would find it in an evil mastermind’s lair, but truly this is a breakthrough. See, whilst other machines are going to cost you thousands, this will cost you only $750 for the basic kit. That’s right, only $750!

This is a perfect example of what happens when industrious people get inspired and take it upon themselves to make a change. It could be seen as another example of what we call the everybody spirit.

Once you move into this realm the possibilities are pretty much endless. Make your own products to sell, unique art-pieces, odd shaped “things” that only you know what they are… open your mind.

Everybody says thank you Makerbot Industries, we really really appreciate the effort you put into inspiring us! Click the image above to be inspired yourself and start to think about how much you could make!


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