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Low resolution bar in Belgium, actually made of pixels

Well, not actually made of Pixels, but the wall is covered with them. The Pixel bar is a new wine and Tapas bar in Brussels, Belgium whose walls are completely covered in soundproofed foam cushions. Over 8,000 of them in total, each made from cubed foam pads in 27 different coloured covers.

When viewed from afar, the image is that of a pixelated countryside scene, close up it is a beautifully abstracted bunch of coloured blocks. As ever the simple ideas are the best, and when executed in such a perfect manner you get something as special as this.

Everybody says great work to the designer behind the bar, Charles Kaisin… Right, Brussels is about 2 hours from here, Friday afternoon drinks there? 6:30pm anyonne?


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inspiration in a bottle – many of them, in different colours.

Artist, Aleksandra Stratimirovic, a Yugoslav, resident of Sweden has produced an installation entitled “Sunny day”. It is produced by filling 4464 small medical glass vials with different coloured liquids. When displayed with a fluorescent backlight, the coloured vails become bright and by taking a couple of steps backwards an image of a girl appears. The framework is 2 by 3 metres and the image depicts a girl stood by a lake with a rolling hill as a backdrop.

It’s another example of how the inherent properties of glass can be used to create art and by adding a simple coloured translucent liquid, something completely different can be created. Click on the image above to go to the artist’s website and see for yourself how the illusion works.

The work has been exhibited in Vzigalica gallery, at the Svetlobna Gverila festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia in 2008.

foto: © Bojan Brecelj IPAK