OK, as most of you know, living in the Netherlands you have to recycle. No seriously, it’s, like, the law and stuff, paper, cardboard, plastic, old batteries, glass – your hair too if you want. Anyway, I’m kind of used to it now, but you have to take it seriously, it’s for the best in the long run, apparently.

A couple of friends had recently bought new iPod Nanos and Shuffles in the clear plastic boxes. Which are kind of cool (does anyone remember the original iPod packaging – that was awesome) but then you have an empty plastic box. What to do, what to do… Well this company has some great ideas for the use of them. Turn that empty box into a speaker for the iPod which came out of it, genius. All you need to do is switch the top from your box for the new one with the speaker mechanism on it to the clear plastic base. $40 US isn’t a bad price.

One question is, what do you do with the top you replaced? now you have one part of a cool box, but not the part you can put anything in… or am I being too damn practical again.? Hope it gives you ideas, it made me think about repurposing some of my old bits and pieces – being such a geek is useful at times, but being idle is the thing I have to get over.

Everybody says well done AudioCubes.com, great idea.


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