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Spiral radiator by Marco Dessi

Nothing ultra new in terms of recently designed stuff, especially if you follow the world of interiors and furniture design, but I still love it. I picked up some materials from my shelf this week and found the leaflet I have showing my second favourite radiator of all time. (Yes it is sad I have a favourite, radiator, and possibly even sadder I have a second favourite, but let’s face it, ordering and ranking is what we do every day to help ourselves with decisions… granted my more important decisions are not radiator based but you know what I mean.)

Anyway, this Radiator was shown at the Cologne fair in 2007 by Italian born designer Macro Dessi, as a concept. He designed it in 2006 and his own little bit of blurb about the product is as follows:

“The raw expression of functional industrial radiators was a source of inspiration for the radiator . While maintaining this raw strenght [sic.], the object was transformed for living spaces. The rotation of the individual element is reminiscent of the sheet metal spirals of old- fashioned radiators.”

I have to say that having just experienced one of the longest, and coldest winters in recent memory, I for one, would be more than happy to actually place a couple of these beauties in my house, and even, for that matter, next to my desk in the west wing of Everybody towers.

Everybody says… great work Marco, let us know when we can buy it!


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Underwater wet suit for a standing light


Welcome to the new year… it’s been a busy busy time for a couple of months for Everybody, so if you’re still with us, then thanks fro checking back.

Anyway, we’re kicking this year off with this great light concept from the Spanish company called MERRY. Based in Spain their interest is improving lives and injecting a style with value for money. The work shown on the website is a huge and varied range, which encompasses everything from lighting to bottle design and tables to exhibition stands. Each piece is a really strong element in a great overall portfolio.

Ziplamp is a great idea. Putting a floor standing light inside a zipped neoprene suit to allow an adjustable amount of light out. No variable resistors, no over the top tech. Classic. The principle of variable light is something I love, as I hate strong light while I am trying to read or work, so being able to soften the light off in such an unusual manner is, for me, a great idea. Two or three of these in the office is a must.

Everybody says good work Spanish fellas. As ever, click the picture above to go to their site and explore their work.

Brodie Neill

We just wanted to bring this chair by Australian Designer Brodie Neill to the attention of everyone out there. It’s a simple continuous shape which is representative of the ever popular @ symbol on our keyboards. It’s produced in the ultra-light and ultra-cool Carbon fibre, with a chrome finish and looks brilliant.

This versatile designer has many great seating options which are produced in ay varied materials including a carpet and aluminium combination which sounds just as interesting as it looks. His forms are more often than not very organic in nature and if placed in an industrial setting would provide a great foil to the bare brick walls, looking even more stunning.

A great tip is to keep an eye out for his Chase Longe made from laminating many different materials, from fibre board to PVC and then CNC machining the shape out of the resulting block of colours. Stunning.

If you want to check out his work you can click the image above to go to his website for more images of his works and information about the designer.

Everybody likes shiny.

Scandinavia is still hot

Of recent it’s started to get quite cold in northern Europe which is not surprising as winter is coming… In fact, as I look out of the window here at Everybody Towers the huge clouds headed our way up the river seem to be Winter itself. Good job I brought my coat this morning.

Anyway, one place that is still hot is Scandinavia, which – for years, has been a great source of inspiring design in many forms to a great number of designers around the world. So it’s only fair to show you the work of one designer from the northern reaches of the continent for whom we have a great deal of respect, Matti Klenell, A Swedish native, who creates many wonderous items in glass and other materials.

In the years since he started his own studio at the turn of the century, he has won many awards and worked for some large clients and furniture makes, Including the Dutch company Moooi. One of our favourite pieces by him is these beautiful glass sculptures which are created in blown and solid glass. They are on show as part of the permanent collection at the Swedish National Museum in Stockholm. The picture above shows a perfect example of how his feeling for form and shape shows through his work.

If you click on the image it will take you to his website, where you can see many other items designed by this talented Swede.

Everybody likes glass, and everybody likes nice things. Everybody likes Matti’s work.

The more non-technical use of chips

I’m sure everyone has either experienced or seen the RFID-chip (Raido Frequency IDentification) if you’re living in Holland. The public transport in Rotterdam has been using them for a couple of years now, as well as England and a couple of other countries. But did you know you can actually do some pretty creative (and for some, useful) things with those chips?

Some companies might use them to store information on them and follow you to see where you go (like on the metrolines), but what about using the chips to have something else follow you?

Try a chair for example. Designed by Jelte van Geest as a graduation project, it’s a chair for a library that works with the RFID-chip. Hold your librarypass in front of it when walking into the library-area, it will follow you around wherever you go (within it’s vicinity of course). So whenever you find a book and would like to read, you just have to turn around and sit down.

While this isn’t directly graphic design, although the chair looks pretty artsy, it does show that you can be creative with other things than a pencil or sculpture.

Pol Sofa

Some of my favourite stuff is designed by the Bouroullec brothers from France, so I was happy when, the other day, whilst looking for a new sofa the other day I came across a new one that the French pair designed for Kartell in Italy. It’s called Pol and is stunning. They intended to reduce the number of bits that are attached to a traditional sofa, like armrests, cushions (!) and stuff like that to drive the cost of production down.

Consisting of two similar shaped foam blocks wrapped in a fabric tube (sounds crap but it really isn’t!) and closed at each end without overstitching. The whole thing is supported by a light metal structure to help maintain shape and position. One of the selling points here is the ability to put a couple of the pieces together to create a mattress.

I’ve never been really bothered about a nice sofa, I do actually like to sit and lay on the floor at home when I watch TV and stuff, but this is one I would actually sit on should I buy one… might even sleep on it occasionally… well if they say you can I am gonna, cos you know it is not gonna be cheap.

Everybody says, nice one French furniture geezers.

Cédric Ragot

Recently we seem to be posting the odd piece by designers and artists which pop up and strike us as inspiring there and then. This post is a change to that recent trend. Cédric Ragot guy is a designer who is coming up for his tenth year in professional design. His work spans development of mobile phones to basic furniture and beyond.

Pictured above is a crop of a set of vases, called “Fast”, which do actually look, well… fast I guess. His work is inspiring to us because he uses a range of techniques which push the limits of the materials he uses whilst retaining a real sense of proportion and form with good functionality (not necessarily in that order), the basis of all good design.

Click the picture above to go to his website to have a few minutes looking at the various project on which he has worked, and see what you think about his style and evolving ideas. Take time to check out the Reverso table range, which we think would look great in our studio… any one? donation? OK, we’re saving up.

A single cubic metre

Designer, Arik Levy, has produced a piece of storage furniture which is a modular system, when combined adds up to a single metre cubed. The piece is constructed from 7 individual pieces in either Aluminium, Blackened Oak and Clear Oak, the black one is shown above. Unfortunately this is an extremely limited piece and is only available in 5 of the Aluminium ones, and 12 clear oak or Black oak ones. The cube is a fashionable shape this year which is something you will see lots more of… mark our words.

Everybody likes this loads and would like one of these in the studio, thank you – please.