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Low resolution bar in Belgium, actually made of pixels

Well, not actually made of Pixels, but the wall is covered with them. The Pixel bar is a new wine and Tapas bar in Brussels, Belgium whose walls are completely covered in soundproofed foam cushions. Over 8,000 of them in total, each made from cubed foam pads in 27 different coloured covers.

When viewed from afar, the image is that of a pixelated countryside scene, close up it is a beautifully abstracted bunch of coloured blocks. As ever the simple ideas are the best, and when executed in such a perfect manner you get something as special as this.

Everybody says great work to the designer behind the bar, Charles Kaisin… Right, Brussels is about 2 hours from here, Friday afternoon drinks there? 6:30pm anyonne?


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Saturday: 404

Don’t worry, it isn’t a real 404!

Just a quick little post… Looking for something totally unrelated the other day and Everybody stumbled upon a reference to one of our favourite films of all time. The Big Lebowski.

The Illustrator, Dave Mott, has both a fantastic style and the set of illustrations in his portfolio blog show this in the best possible manner. He produced this as a concept for the HTML 404 error pages. As he says so many quotes from that film make great 404 pages. Click Walter to go and see his work!

Everybody loves the work of this Illustrator and hopes that you will spend a few minutes looking around his site. Maybe even commision him. Brilliant work Dave.


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Falcon: old and new combined

With my rocky history with motorcycles I have to admit I’m not particularly bothered about them, but as with all other things there are always outstanding examples which make you stand up and pay attention.

Recently I stumbled upon one of those examples and had to point you in its direction. Falcon is a Los Angeles based motorcycle manufacturing company based on high standards of manufacture and quality in design. Ian Barry, co-founder and designer, has been obsessed with old British bikes like Triumph and Norton for years leading to his designing the Falcon when he met his business partner Amaryllis in LA.

Both spent two years sourcing vintage materials and machinery from around the world to create a workshop in Downtown LA where they could make their dream a reality.

So the first result is pretty much what you see above here, an imagining of what would happen would Triumph have produced a Board racer. It’s called “The Bullet” and is effectively a custom Triumph motorcycle, starting years ago as the derelict frame and engine of a 1950 pre-unit Triumph Thunderbird (which for all you movie buffs is the self same motorbike Marlon Brando can be seen riding in the classic movie “The Wild One”.

Everybody will be keeping a keen eye on this and we would advise you to as well, absorb the beauty of the bike, it really is something special. They plan many more bikes all based on vintage forms, so it’s going to really be a thing to watch over the next couple of years.

Good work vintage bike fellas!


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Recycling should be heard not just seen!

OK, as most of you know, living in the Netherlands you have to recycle. No seriously, it’s, like, the law and stuff, paper, cardboard, plastic, old batteries, glass – your hair too if you want. Anyway, I’m kind of used to it now, but you have to take it seriously, it’s for the best in the long run, apparently.

A couple of friends had recently bought new iPod Nanos and Shuffles in the clear plastic boxes. Which are kind of cool (does anyone remember the original iPod packaging – that was awesome) but then you have an empty plastic box. What to do, what to do… Well this company has some great ideas for the use of them. Turn that empty box into a speaker for the iPod which came out of it, genius. All you need to do is switch the top from your box for the new one with the speaker mechanism on it to the clear plastic base. $40 US isn’t a bad price.

One question is, what do you do with the top you replaced? now you have one part of a cool box, but not the part you can put anything in… or am I being too damn practical again.? Hope it gives you ideas, it made me think about repurposing some of my old bits and pieces – being such a geek is useful at times, but being idle is the thing I have to get over.

Everybody says well done, great idea.


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The future of publishing

So. After years of speculation Apple have finally launched a tablet. A slate, or a pad. Whatever you want to call it, it is a quite interesting piece of gear. Whilst we at Everybody are all Apple users, I for one was not overly impressed with the iPad when Steve Jobs presented it. Sure it looked pretty, fitted the brand, but seemed like over kill for me as I use a MacBook pro and have an iPhone. So where is it going to change my life?

Last month I was talking to the other members of the office here, and we figured it was mainly going to allow more flexibility in digital publishing… then we stumbled upon this video on the Adobe website, which articulates perfectly exactly what we were discussing at that very minute.

So rather than set out a vision of how I think the Future will go, I am posting the link to the Video in which Wired (the technology magazine at the cutting edge of utilising tech in magazines) talk about how they see being able to use the technology behind the iPad (and doubtless all the other iPad-a-likes which will follow) to make the Magazine experience exciting again. Take five minutes to watch this, then think about the possibilities.

Everybody says it isn’t about what the iPad can do for you, it’s about how you can make the iPad anonymous. Sit back and enjoy.


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From Russia with love…


From Russia with love, granted, not the best Bond film, but the title certainly describes this piece of automotive engineering and design. The car you see above is from the Russian company, MaRussia. It is a sleek and silky looking little monster which has at it’s heart some surprising credentials. Mainly it’s a hybrid. Yep, it’s a hybrid Supercar.

Unveiled last year, you can now order one of these motors, for a price of around €100,000. The car is an example of how the hybrid can be pushed to reach new limits, with it’s claimed 0-60mph of around 5 seconds, and a range of 400Km it certainly will be interesting to see if anyone can be converted from the traditional sports car powerbase of petrol to a mixture of electricity and fossil fuels. The insides are just as impressive, with wireless connectivity and digital video cameras all round, giving feedback to the driver constantly, and offering a whole host of entertainment options it could easily become the new choice of premiership footballer plaything.

The inventor/developer is a Russian fella, Nikolay Fomenko, who seems to have done most things in his life (he’s been a singer, news anchor man, theatre actor and racing car champion) is a bit of a renaissance man. He sees the car taking part in the FIA GT championships in 2010, which will add some great kudos to the car itself, as well as the hybrid genre in turn. Certainly an ambitious chap.

The design of the car looks familiar in many ways, glance from different angles and it invokes a look of the Lotus Elise, the Alfa R8 and McLaren F1 amongst others… But then that isn’t always a bad thing as these are some of the finest looking cars on the road today. As usual, take the mouse to clicky town to get more information on this, and maybe order one too.

So, whilst we’re still not huge fans of hybrid cars just yet, this might make us come one notch closer to that way of thinking, but we just can’t help thinking this is the Captain Drago to Ferarri’s Rocky Balboa. Yo Adrianne!

Heineken, Fashion in the city


This summer Everybody participated on a creative competition by Heineken the City Fashion to design streetwear inspired by Heineken. Since Everybody’s creativity is not limited to print and online stuff we came up with some awesome streetwear.

The idea was to create an outfit without using the populair red and green, only silver, grey and black. From the 314 contestants we ended within the last 20 who made it through the finals. At the start of the AIFW 2009, short for the Amsterdam International Fashion Week, our design was shown on the in- and outdoor catwalk during the opening of the Fashion Week DOWNTOWN in Heineken the City.

The area was so crowded it even caused traffic jams in the heart of Amsterdam. As a Rotterdam based company we are proud that not all good design comes from Amsterdam.