Nothing ultra new in terms of recently designed stuff, especially if you follow the world of interiors and furniture design, but I still love it. I picked up some materials from my shelf this week and found the leaflet I have showing my second favourite radiator of all time. (Yes it is sad I have a favourite, radiator, and possibly even sadder I have a second favourite, but let’s face it, ordering and ranking is what we do every day to help ourselves with decisions… granted my more important decisions are not radiator based but you know what I mean.)

Anyway, this Radiator was shown at the Cologne fair in 2007 by Italian born designer Macro Dessi, as a concept. He designed it in 2006 and his own little bit of blurb about the product is as follows:

“The raw expression of functional industrial radiators was a source of inspiration for the radiator . While maintaining this raw strenght [sic.], the object was transformed for living spaces. The rotation of the individual element is reminiscent of the sheet metal spirals of old- fashioned radiators.”

I have to say that having just experienced one of the longest, and coldest winters in recent memory, I for one, would be more than happy to actually place a couple of these beauties in my house, and even, for that matter, next to my desk in the west wing of Everybody towers.

Everybody says… great work Marco, let us know when we can buy it!


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