So. After years of speculation Apple have finally launched a tablet. A slate, or a pad. Whatever you want to call it, it is a quite interesting piece of gear. Whilst we at Everybody are all Apple users, I for one was not overly impressed with the iPad when Steve Jobs presented it. Sure it looked pretty, fitted the brand, but seemed like over kill for me as I use a MacBook pro and have an iPhone. So where is it going to change my life?

Last month I was talking to the other members of the office here, and we figured it was mainly going to allow more flexibility in digital publishing… then we stumbled upon this video on the Adobe website, which articulates perfectly exactly what we were discussing at that very minute.

So rather than set out a vision of how I think the Future will go, I am posting the link to the Video in which Wired (the technology magazine at the cutting edge of utilising tech in magazines) talk about how they see being able to use the technology behind the iPad (and doubtless all the other iPad-a-likes which will follow) to make the Magazine experience exciting again. Take five minutes to watch this, then think about the possibilities.

Everybody says it isn’t about what the iPad can do for you, it’s about how you can make the iPad anonymous. Sit back and enjoy.


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