I have to say that we at Everybody are not really your standard television viewers. We generally turn the channel to watch something specific, until it’s end and then see if there is something else on worth watching, or turn off. Recently it’s been more “turn off” than “watch”. BUT. Occasionally there is something that comes along that really captures your imagination.

Harking back over previous years, these things have been more and more the small things like “Channel Idents” and the occasional advert, I’m thinking things like the jaw-droppingly beautiful Sony Bravia advert (you know… the one where the coloured balls all roll down a San Francisco street) and the clever trailers for Better off Ted currently on Comedy Central, and not the programming itself.

The reason I’m telling you all this is because you may or may not be aware that recently the “Sci-Fi Channel” re-branded itself to the, much more multi-lingual friendly “SyFy Channel”. This was heralded on it’s sister channel 13th street, during one of the shows I watch (House, in case you wondered) and so I duly tuned in to see the re-launch.

At 20:30 the channel’s new logo was revealed on screen and was followed by an amazing little trail video. High in gloss, high in style and über high in production value. The video is entitled “the house of Imagination (Imagine Greater)” and you should watch it. No really, take three minutes to watch the video (by clicking the image above) you will see what I mean.

Everybody says well done SyFy Channel, you have actually made us Imagine Greater.


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