Those of us who saw the Oscars (or at least know the results) can’t help but know the astonishing animated short that that won the academy was a movie based on Corporate Identity… Sort of anyway. Have a look for it, it is worth watching. As a Graphic and Branding designer I love that this particular movie won.

But one of the other nominees, which I personally felt was as good, was the Spanish short called “La Dama y La Muerte” (the lady and the reaper). It’s a stunning animation combining Sexy Nurses, Handsome Doctors, a loveable old dear and most strangely, a cute reaper.

The emotion that the first couple of minutes generates is great and this gives way to a pharsical series of events as the reaper tries to win over the hospital… the chase scene through the huge filing cabinets is pure Pixar, which is probably as high a compliment as you can give any animated movie. Nods towards other animated greats are evident too, such as Looney Tunes and the Tom and Jerry, so why not spend 10 minutes watching one of the best animated short movies in recent years.

The Writer/Director is a Spaniard by the name of Javier Reco Gracia obviously has a bright future ahead of him and with producers such as Antonio Banderas speaking up for him, Everybody can’t want to see what he comes up with next. Great work Javier, we hope to see more soon!


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