For those of you outside the UK, Virgin Media is the company behind Cable TV, Telephone and Internet services. Long story but a combination of a few companies involved in buy outs a few years ago. Anyway, they have a vested interest in film and to that end they have a strong support for the “short” genre, (Orange hold feature films tightly by the throat in the UK).

Their sponsorship has lead to quite high exposure and a strong bunch of films were entered for the last round. Various films which were entered were good, but the one which was chosen for the 2009 Grand Prize, was called “Mixtape”. It was produced by Luke Snellin and went on to be nominated for a BAFTA. Certainly good going.

The sweet little film is the story of a boy and the girl next door… and her Mom, a little bit, not so much about her though. It’s well made, well shot, and most of all well scored. Perfectly scored infact. You can read loads into the story, but if it doesn’t make you smile then, you pretty much have no soul.

Everybody says, well done Luke, you deserve all the plaudits you get for this.