Let us introduce to you: COMBO, a collaboration between Blu and David Ellis. These artists have made a mind blowing wall-painting animation at the FAME festival in the South of Italy in late September last year. This may therefore be classified as ‘old news’, but it’s so cool that we decided to share it with you anyway.

It all looks so effortless; imagine painting your house with this (deceiving) ease. If you know what it takes, making a stop motion animation then you know how much time and effort is in fact involved. What of course amazes the most, is their use of the environment. Window sills become eyes, hanging lamps serve as their irises, no corner is safe. The artists’ recognisable individual styles combine beautifully. Have a look, it’s an absolute joy to watch. Oh, and if we may give you a piece of advice: don’t try this in your own neighbourhood…

As usual, click the Image above to see the video at Vimeo.com.