For ages I’ve been a fan of Tag Heuer watches. Don’t know, precisely, when that started, but I’ve always liked the way they look, feel and work. My personal favourite– and the object that I am saving up my hard earned pennies for at the moment, is a Tag Heuer Monaco, the beautiful square chronograph that has been prominent for 40 years now.

So, here is the most amazing version of the watch I’ve seen to date. This is the Monaco “24” concept. It’s only a concept, which demonstrates the amazing craftsmanship that Tag Heuer are capable of, but lord knows if it became available to buy right now I would be taking out a loan. The watch sports the iconic “Gulf Oil” livery that Steve McQueen wore in his 1970 film “Le Mans” and a 24 instead of the usual 12 that the watch has at the top of it’s face to reflect it’s heritage.

I love my current Tag Heuer watch, but I am seriously going to have to look at selling it to get a boost in my saving fund to get me somewhere nearer my goal… hopefully by then, this beautiful watch will be available to buy.

As ever, click the image to go to the Tag Heuer website and see the watch in more detail, including the videos from the company on how it was conceived and produced. Everybody says, simply stunning.