From Russia with love, granted, not the best Bond film, but the title certainly describes this piece of automotive engineering and design. The car you see above is from the Russian company, MaRussia. It is a sleek and silky looking little monster which has at it’s heart some surprising credentials. Mainly it’s a hybrid. Yep, it’s a hybrid Supercar.

Unveiled last year, you can now order one of these motors, for a price of around €100,000. The car is an example of how the hybrid can be pushed to reach new limits, with it’s claimed 0-60mph of around 5 seconds, and a range of 400Km it certainly will be interesting to see if anyone can be converted from the traditional sports car powerbase of petrol to a mixture of electricity and fossil fuels. The insides are just as impressive, with wireless connectivity and digital video cameras all round, giving feedback to the driver constantly, and offering a whole host of entertainment options it could easily become the new choice of premiership footballer plaything.

The inventor/developer is a Russian fella, Nikolay Fomenko, who seems to have done most things in his life (he’s been a singer, news anchor man, theatre actor and racing car champion) is a bit of a renaissance man. He sees the car taking part in the FIA GT championships in 2010, which will add some great kudos to the car itself, as well as the hybrid genre in turn. Certainly an ambitious chap.

The design of the car looks familiar in many ways, glance from different angles and it invokes a look of the Lotus Elise, the Alfa R8 and McLaren F1 amongst others… But then that isn’t always a bad thing as these are some of the finest looking cars on the road today. As usual, take the mouse to clicky town to get more information on this, and maybe order one too.

So, whilst we’re still not huge fans of hybrid cars just yet, this might make us come one notch closer to that way of thinking, but we just can’t help thinking this is the Captain Drago to Ferarri’s Rocky Balboa. Yo Adrianne!