I’ve been fascinated by the classic pin-up art of Alberto Vargas for ages, and I also dig artists surrounding the same type of image. I’ve also, for many years, been engrossed in hip-hop which seems to have become known as “street culture” and the development of art surrounding it, namely Graffiti.

So when the two worlds collide for me it is amazing… and last Saturday they smashed together to make me happier than a fat kid in a Ben and Jerry’s store.

I was wandering around Antwerp and picked up a magazine in one of the places I visit (too) regularly, one of the best magazine shops I’ve ever found (Magazines are also a huge inspiration to me, and probably most designers, but that’s another post!) “IMS”.

In the magazine, I found the work of a French female Illustrator who fuses these two great styles in a very strong manner. She works out of Paris and is called “Elise Ascoet”, but can also be found all over the net by the name of Lyl, or Lyl9. (Flickr has a bunch of pics of her work too).

If you take your mouse down to clicky-town on the image above you can go to her website and see her stuff for yourself. In short, Brilliant!

Everybody says this style is great and well worth having a look at. Elise, true inspiration is something that feels great when you find it – and this feels amazing.