Ok, so we often repeat ourselves here, but this is another case of things being better kept simple. Simple is good. So while looking to grab some shelves for the West Wing of the Everybody towers, which houses our extensive library… OK, OK, it’s so I can get the pile of books off my desk, we found this great set of flexible shelves by American Designer Pete Oyler.

His solution is heavy duty elastic bands which are stretched around steel pegs affixed to the wall. Brilliant. Everybody hopes this is available in Europe cos we need somewhere to put all our stuff, Somewhere that isn’t the corner of my desk!

He’s a recent graduate of the Rhode Island school of design, his work is great and would fit in most people’s lives. Bacon table being a great example of cast concrete, lord knows we love concrete! bash the mouse button on the picture above to go to Pete’s site to have a look at his impressive portfolio.

Anyway, as ever, Everybody loves this idea, and is looking forward to what Pete comes up with next!