I was once told – years ago, that all designers are a little bit OCD. In my case it is more than a little true, lord knows I can spend hours sweating over the kerning of a single word in a headline, or checking 6 times that I put crop marks on the last PDF file I put to the printers’… But this guy… This guy brings a new meaning to the old adage, attention to detail.

For example, not content with reading Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, he remixed it. Took the words, every word, rearranged them into different categories of emotion, and made them look beautiful. It’s quite a stunning example of the length he will go to make things. It’s kind of scary when you see it, cos it simply makes me want to take that straight column of copy I just laid out and make it messy… Beautiful but messy.

It’s incredible to see how far one individual will go to make his or her art, and in this case Sam goes the extra mile, then runs another marathon. Spend some time wondering around the work section of his website and you will come away thinking differently about everything. Take your mouse button to smackdown town over the picture and go to his website.

Everybody says Sam’s work is incredible, and should be admired. Do it.