First in our new batch of inspiration is a whole bunch of stunning photography by a very talented artst called Bela Bosodi. Everybody stumbled upon her work whilst researching editorial photographers for a project we are working on, and it’s fair to say we were taken aback by just how different her style is.

The bold use of colour in the Editorial section and simple shapes contrasting with products is simply stunning. Her editorial work for clients such as Tatler and Elle are so simple that we have to file them in the “why didn’t we think of that” box we keep under the desk in the corner here at Everybody Towers. (The reason we didn’t think of that, is we were too busy trying to do clever things rather than keep it simple, and achieve much more)

Her work is well worth five minutes of anyone’s time and is easy browsing too, so hit up the picture above to go to her online portfolio.

Everybody says, great work Bela, we’re keeping an eye on our female colleagues’ magazines to try to spot more!