You might have noticed recently, there has been the odd day when it’s got really cold, this winter especially. We found a great way to get away from that creeping cold though… one which doesn’t involved fire and brandy.

These “sleeping bags with arms and legs” are intended as just that, sleeping bags but I can see us wrapped up nice and snug in the evening watching television and doing all the things you normally do. See, unlike most sleeping bags, these give you the ability to use your hands without exposing the top half of your body, something which always annoyed me. They are intended for those hard code campers who need to sleep out in the wilds, but they are more than likely going to be used for raves or by people just wanting to stay snuggly warm in the house. (No, I’m not talking about my wife.)

These are, again a simple solution to a simple problem that no one bother to solve until now. The picture above takes you to a Dutch distributor where you can buy these wonder bags.

Everybody says… Genius and thanks for keeping us warm, and making us look like ‘teletubbies’.