For those of us growing up with the amazing football skills of the brazilians, Carlos Alberto is something of a legend in his field.

It seems that there is another legendary Carlos Alberto in his own field that I didn’t know about. I was recently sent some examples of his work, expecting something else – I won’t fill you in on the whole conversation, but needless to say it wasn’t leading up to this.

The pictures above are photographs of a Vespa Scooter, which is made from wood by the brilliant Portuguese carpenter, Carlos Alberto. The really cool thing is that this thing actually works and on his website you can see someone zipping around town in one of the photos.

Classic scooters are cool, that is taken for granted, but the way that this one stands out from all the rest is extraordinary and even cooler than those ‘Mod’ scooters doing the rounds in the 60’s in England. As a carpenter his work is great, the usual doors and cabinets are perfectly made, but check out his motorbikes and other items.

Everybody says good work fella but wonders if it is available in a range of metallic Varnishes like more modern scooters are?