Hello again, it’s been a while – not gonna make any apologies, we’ve been busy which is a great thing. Anyway, first post for a long time, we wanted to show you another example of something in a long line of lighting design posts on our blog.

This is a great piece which is just as beautiful when switched off, as it is when it is actually on. The light, called “Concentric” – for obvious reasons is designed in by Rob Zinn, for the “Blankblank” company and is made from powder coated aluminium and brass. We’ll let Blankblank tell you about the design.

When off, this satin white fixture has a subtle glow of color that washes its planes. But when turned on, the hidden colors illuminate, becoming vivid and mesmerizing. Aluminum, steel and brass construction enable this fixture to achieve scales up to 48” in diameter, making a bold, durable, artistic statement in commercial and residential applications. Fabricated by the makers of a 100 year old lighting line, this fixture is made with quality and care.

Everybody certainly recommends a good look around the Blankblank site for some great interiors inspiration. Take a good look at the work that Rob Zinn has produced for them in various guises, from seating to lighting you can see why this designer has achieved many awards in his career.

Everybody says well done Rob, and we really want a couple of these on the wall in the office to light the gloomy Rotterdam afternoons we seem to be experiencing recently.