If you were with us back a few months ago, you might have seen the post we did on the New York City bike rack competition that was held to design the bicycle racks to be placed around the city. Have a look if you want more background information, the link is here if you didn’t see it.

Well, the winner has finally been announced. It’s a design by Ian Mahaffy and Maarten De Greeve (Bettlelab) based in Copenhagen (in Denmark), they haev designed the very simple, but very elegant solution to the city’s problem. The hoop is a single piece anchored in the concrete and allowing great access to both sides. Class. In the usual manner, you can click the picture to read more about it at the official blog.

Everybody admires this piece of design a great deal, and wonders if it might happen here in Rotterdam, as the “Bent tubing” which we currently attach our bikes too is starting to look very old, very quickly. Might be interesting to see if it could be a competition run here too. Hmmmm. What would ours look like?