Not very often does a designer get an amazing brief. We seem to be lucky here at Everybody, we get some great ones, but we are open minded and remember that we have a commercial responsibility.

Now. When you are the head of design at a world renowned sports car company, you grab the chance to produce a piece which is ‘definitive’ and marks the mark as far as the future of the company and the whole sports car genre. That was pretty much the brief that was given to Marek Reichman by Ulrich Betz, CEO of Aston Martin. The idea was to inject all the beauty and emotion that Aston Martin can put into a car. Distil that further and you basically have to produce a piece of hand crafted Art. The Brand Essence poured into a bottle and sold as a car.

Before you rush out and buy one, there is a very limited edition of only 77 of these – which are probably already sold, even at the £1,000,000 pound price tag. If you want to make it even more perfect, you can tailor it to match your needs, tastes and driving style.

It is also worth noting that this is the first completely new, from the ground up Aston Martin since the brand was sold to the Ford group. The great thing for us as Brand designers is that Aston really understand the need to communicate their brand in the best way they can, produce the best car they have ever made and show off their abilities, simple as that. For now, though, Everybody will make do with looking at pictures of the car as it is a true piece of art in the truest sense of the meaning.