As we’ve already mentioned, it’s getting colder and colder now the nights are drawing in a little, and since the heating is needed most days now, we thought we’d show you this new radiator concept from Ad Hoc, designed by Stefano Ragaini and Giorgio Di Tullio. As you see, its design is based on the old traditional garden hose, which most of us have outside the house or in a shed somewhere knocking around.

The real beauty of this idea is that the hose is, as a hose would be, movable, thus allowing you to put a portion of it nearer the couch or wherever you need it to be to get warm, the website even suggests that it could be coiled up in the bed to warm it up before you go to sleep. The list of useful possibilities is as long as the coil itself. Simple. Pure genius.

The designers are a pair of Italians who have produced pieces in the past for Ad Hoc using steels of various descriptions and with the addition of Ciussaì to their portfolio, confirm themselves in Everybody’s eyes as a duo worth keeping track of.

Good work Italian lads, we’re warming to your ideas… See, warming, warming to your ideas, oh, if I’ve got to explain it, it just doesn’t work.