With the advert of technology comes the reality of ideas. Sounds like a bit of a high brow quote for me to say, but it is something which is true. I make it in reference to one of the more desirable things I have recently seen on the internet. In fact it is hands down the most desirable thing I’ve seen in years.

The advent I am talking about is something we have been keeping on the radar for a while now, it’s the developments in Desktop Prototyping. The value and possibilities of it are, pretty much endless. The system is, to all intents and purposes, a desktop printer, which is capable of generating your concepts with the added depth of a third dimension. Nice.

There is already a large internet based community who are creating objects which you can download and use, like cutlery and cups etc. The process has been around for years, but is now within the reach of the average designer to bring in house, as this machine is available for only $4995 – which, as they rightly point out, is the same as a good laser printer would cost you 20 years ago. How long will it be before every design studio in the world has one of these next to the colour printer?

Everybody wants one of these. And if the wife is reading… yes, I now know what I want for Christmas. Thanks.