We just wanted to bring this chair by Australian Designer Brodie Neill to the attention of everyone out there. It’s a simple continuous shape which is representative of the ever popular @ symbol on our keyboards. It’s produced in the ultra-light and ultra-cool Carbon fibre, with a chrome finish and looks brilliant.

This versatile designer has many great seating options which are produced in ay varied materials including a carpet and aluminium combination which sounds just as interesting as it looks. His forms are more often than not very organic in nature and if placed in an industrial setting would provide a great foil to the bare brick walls, looking even more stunning.

A great tip is to keep an eye out for his Chase Longe made from laminating many different materials, from fibre board to PVC and then CNC machining the shape out of the resulting block of colours. Stunning.

If you want to check out his work you can click the image above to go to his website for more images of his works and information about the designer.

Everybody likes shiny.