OK, the teapot is a little bit defunct in general terms these days due to the tea bag and our seemingly endless need to speed things up. Now I’m admittedly a bit of a tea addict (surprisingly for an Englishman, I know) and guzzling down so much of it each day means a tea pot for me it not that much use, I’ve too much to do rather than “mashing”.

But. I love this tea pot for it’s form and its simplicity and it would make me use it each time, just to see the brew forming in the water you added. The way the pot functions is also beautiful, hinged in the middle of the handle and folded back together when the water and tea are in, secured by a metal rod along the bottom of the pot.

It’s available now for between $200 and $250 depending on what you want, brushed or polished steel. If you are interested in packaging, by the way, it also comes quite beautifully packaged. Buy one online by clicking the picture above. We’re getting one, but let us know when you’re coming round for tea, cos we’ll need to buy some good stuff to use in it.