More than a little bit reminiscent of the posters, printed in an iridescent ink, which lit up a dark and dingey walkway under a bridge in London last year, this little piece takes the concept a stage further.

We all need a little piece of enlightenment, and now you can carry it around in your pocket. The ink is charged up by holding it in a light source for a period of time, then kept in a place where it is easily accessible, and when it is needed (trying to find the keyhole on the car door at night for example). The designers, Hyun Jin Yoon & Eun Hak Lee, have used a thin metal base which can also be folded to allow it to stand on a table like a real light bulb.

Everybody likes this, despite the pitfalls (forgetting to “charge” it up when it is sunny would be one) but one can see a real and useful application for it in everyday life.