Recognise it? This is one of the most powerful and successful logos in recent history and the original artwork for the logo has recently been bought by the Victoria & Albert Museum in London for the sum of £92,500 (€117,470).

The story goes back a few years to 1970 when the designer John Pasche was studying at the RCA in London. By all accounts the Rolling Stones were not to happy with the boring ideas produced by their record label and sought elsewhere for a logo which was more to their liking.

John Pasche drew this up for them and it was an instant hit with the band, he was paid the princely sum of £50 for his work and the image has gone on to be one of the most recognisable symbols in the world of music. (The band also are said to have liked the logo so much they paid Pasche an extra £200 as a bonus.) He went on to design for the music industry as Creative Director at a couple of record labels and has received numerous awards for his work in the arts industries over the last 40 years.

Everybody says, nice one John, we love a good logo, especially one which is part of history and will, thanks for the V&A and the art fund in the UK, will remain one for years to come.