Recently the city of New York held a competition to design the way in which the new Bike Racks look placed around the city, it was an interesting competition for a few reasons. The main reason it was interesting was it was open to all the design disciplines, with multi-disciplinary groups being encouraged.

The competition is still running but artist/musician, David Byrne (who is an avid cycler and was asked to join the judging jury) has produced some wonderful ideas of his own for the competition and the NYC Dept. of Transport has decided to put them into place for 364 days.

His designs is not one single piece replicated around the city, but each one being relevant to a particular area of town, for instance a Dollar sign for the one in Wall Street and a small dog for the one in the Village, etc.

Everybody likes New York city and everybody wants one of these outside our offices to put our bikes on.