I’m sure everyone has either experienced or seen the RFID-chip (Raido Frequency IDentification) if you’re living in Holland. The public transport in Rotterdam has been using them for a couple of years now, as well as England and a couple of other countries. But did you know you can actually do some pretty creative (and for some, useful) things with those chips?

Some companies might use them to store information on them and follow you to see where you go (like on the metrolines), but what about using the chips to have something else follow you?

Try a chair for example. Designed by Jelte van Geest as a graduation project, it’s a chair for a library that works with the RFID-chip. Hold your librarypass in front of it when walking into the library-area, it will follow you around wherever you go (within it’s vicinity of course). So whenever you find a book and would like to read, you just have to turn around and sit down.

While this isn’t directly graphic design, although the chair looks pretty artsy, it does show that you can be creative with other things than a pencil or sculpture.