Everyone has a bad day occasionally, but sometimes you wish you could just shred its existence. We stumbled upon this yesterday whilst looking for something else (like all the best internet finds) and thought it was worth sharing.

Designed by Susanna Hertrich the principal is obvious but effective. Advancing with time, the shredded remains of yesterday are left to fall to the floor like a huge bundle of string. It could be used as great metaphors for the passing of time, the intertwining of memories and the jumbling up of history. The truth is that it is just cool, and looks good too. We want one, but I know that I would be spending too much time resetting the date so I could just see how long the shredded remains get.

You could also add a huge fan to make a great streamer effect that would really upset your colleagues.

Click the image for more information and other great works by this talented designer.