Some of my favourite stuff is designed by the Bouroullec brothers from France, so I was happy when, the other day, whilst looking for a new sofa the other day I came across a new one that the French pair designed for Kartell in Italy. It’s called Pol and is stunning. They intended to reduce the number of bits that are attached to a traditional sofa, like armrests, cushions (!) and stuff like that to drive the cost of production down.

Consisting of two similar shaped foam blocks wrapped in a fabric tube (sounds crap but it really isn’t!) and closed at each end without overstitching. The whole thing is supported by a light metal structure to help maintain shape and position. One of the selling points here is the ability to put a couple of the pieces together to create a mattress.

I’ve never been really bothered about a nice sofa, I do actually like to sit and lay on the floor at home when I watch TV and stuff, but this is one I would actually sit on should I buy one… might even sleep on it occasionally… well if they say you can I am gonna, cos you know it is not gonna be cheap.

Everybody says, nice one French furniture geezers.