One of the up and coming designers currently doing the rounds is a guy called Benjamin Hubert. He graduated Loughborough University in 2006 and has steadily been picking up awards and much acclaim since then.

He designed the wonderful light, shown above, called Dandilight whose inspiration comes from those little Dandilion seedheads that litter the final weeks of springs, and looks incredible. It is also worth noting that the lamp looks equally as good when it is switched off, being a cast white resin.

The light is available in two formats, floor standing and hanging, in two sizes (300mm and 450mm dia.) and is available to commission, no details of price other than that.

This piece really does go to show that inspiration is all around us, be it industrial, static, or as in this case, organic and is there for the taking. We must all suck up the inspiration, be it first hand as in Benjamin’s case or second hand, in the case of anyone who sees the lamp Benjamin has created.

Everybody loves these lamps and wants to have a few installed in the new office when we get in there, maybe even have a few on slightly flexible stands near a fan so they sway in the breeze… Mmmmm. Thanks Benjamin, we love this, we just hope if doesn’t give us huge hayfever!