OK, I’m not into wine that much, but I have to say this is something I would put on the dinner table full of a nice red. It is a sculpture and a Carafe all in one, which brings a wonderful centrepiece to your table. They are made by a French artist/sculptor called Etienne Meneau, who sells these wonderful pieces via the internet, you can click the image above to go to the web blog where they are based to see many many more of them.

The idea that someone has questioned why the traditional Carafe is the way it is, is inspiring to us. It might not be the most usable, might not be the most aesthetically pleasing to everyone, but it is a great example of what can be achieve if you ask the simple one work question… “why?”

The rest of the works on the website remind us of the work of Thomas Heatherwick (see this post SIT OOT for more of his work). Great company to be in.

Everybody says good work Etienne.