One of the new additions to the Rotterdam Skyline (amongst the many new buildings) are the solemn figures popping up around the Kunsthal. They are works by the British artist Anthony Gormley, who has for years been using these figures in thought provoking places around the globe.

At least one of the sculptures has produced more than a couple of phone calls to the authorities due to it’s position on top of the Erasmus Hospital. From it’s lofty position looking east over the Kunsthal towards Kralingen, it’s silhouette has caused many people to believe it to be a jumper readying themselves to take the plunge from the edge. (Insert your own comment here regarding art’s effect on the public and their lack of understanding thereof)

Anyway, the wonderful, and somewhat haunting, figures are currently on show right now, until the 14th of September. I would really recommend you get down to the Kunsthal to see them in person.