Anyone who has read my posts on other blogs knows that I don’t like to put the radiators on in the house during the summer months even when it is as cold as it is at the moment in Rotterdam. My fascination with radiators goes back a long way mainly due to the way they look being so damn boring and ugly. People like Joris Larman have designed some wonderful radiators which do the job efficiently and in a pretty manner. If you don’t want to go to the expense of putting in a new radiator, flooding your house and then paying a person who knows what they are doing to do it properly, these are perfect for you.

Designed by Bumrae Jo & Zemzem Kaya, these covers are a great way of hiding your ugly wall mounted heating device and adding a little bit of colour to your place. They are available in two colour ways, Red and White and Grey and White. Featured on the cover is a “nest” which will keep things warm (obviously being on a radiator) but, hey, maybe you can put your underwear in it on those cold winter days so it’s nice and toasty warm for you when you wake up.

Everybody says well done radiator covering people. Nice job.