OK, so recently there has been a real push on the Swarovski stuff. It used to be that they were pretty much tucked away in the corner of a department store near you. Regardless of your personal view of crystal and the sometimes horrific sculptures created in it (we won’t bore you with ours), the recent push on promotion by the company has seen swatch style stores popping up all around Europe.

The Swarovski Crystal Palace in Milan has started to turn the crystal into something more of an art medium than a… well crystal.

Recently the English artist Paul Cocksedge (stop giggling at the back) showed his piece which shows the Mona Lisa, but only when you look in the convex mirror provided. A trick of the light worthy of David Copperfield. The piece is 4 metres tall and utilises 1440 individual crystals

Anyway, we just thought this was great way of using a material and its inherent properties to create a visual effect with a twist.