Here in the Netherlands, they are recycle crazy and, without giving away my roots, it was a bit of a culture shock to take empty plastic bottles back to the supermarket.

Dutch designer, Jorre van Ast, has created a solution to allow you to recycle those old jars on your shelf. You might have used the contents long before, but this little set of screw on caps allows you to breathe a new life into the glassware itself. Simply by putting one of the pouring, shaking or one of the other tops on the jar you can give it a new use.

The Dutch Kitchenware company “Royal VKB” has picked up this selection of jar attachments for production and they are available now. I reckon the Everybody office kitchen needs some.

I guess the point of this post is to remind us that the best solutions to problems are almost always the most simple, the ones which stare us in the face and the ones which just make you say “Damn, I wish I had thought of that!”. In all forms of design, the brief is a problem which is solved by the designer and in this case, Jorre van Ast has taken an everyday object, which in many homes stays on the shelf or in a cupboard for years, and enabled you to utilise it again. This then reduces the pressure on the recycling system and allowing people to be damn resourceful in the process.

Everybody says well done, Jorre.