Ever wonder where artists and designers get all their inspiration from? Sometimes when you’re watching a movie you wonder if people making these things are on a non-prescribed medicine. Sometimes you see logo or poster designs that evoke the same feeling.

Although some designers just design these kind of things out of their heads, a lot of us get our inspiration from the most usual (and unusual) places. Take this picture for example; looks like it came straight out of a movie doesn’t it? In this case, it was a place at the beach in Estonia, right after a storm followed by a cold winter night. What happens next is a sight that is just as unbelievable as it is beautiful and provides people with a huge amount of inspiration. Imagine loving chocolate, and walking into a bonbonshop in Belgium (home of one of the best bonbon makers). It’s a walhalla come to life, which is exactly what happens to designers when seeing inspirational places like this.

Scenes like this happen all around you though; you don’t necessarily have to go all the way to Estonia to see this. You’d be suprised how many fantasy-like places exist, sometimes even right around the corner.