Pretty much one of the most revered designers in the UK at the moment is Thomas Heatherwick. His work takes normal and accepted ideas, screws them up and throws them away before designing something simply wonderful.

Many of his works are based on simple fluid shapes which create an organic and flowing feel, but this one is a simple idea which looks like a giant rolled up, orange Hedgehog. This particular piece is a 2.4 metre cube which is machined from 15mm aluminium. It features 5000 thin spikes which serve as windows capped with orange acrylic. The entire structure stands on these self same spikes, each of which radiates from the exact centre of the structure. This means one single light source can be used to emit light from each of the spikes. It simply looks stunning, lit up or not.

Everybody loves Heatherwick studio. Their works for the Harvey Nichols window, over 10 years ago, was award winning for a reason and most every project since is worthy of our awe. The best advice is not to take our word for it, but to go to the Heatherwick studio website, by clicking the picture above. Have a look at the “sitooterie” then browse around the rest of the work, making sure you have a look at the rolling bridge in the Paddington Basin. Simply stunning.