On a recent look around the museum websites I found an interesting concept which struck me as, not only dead simple, but also beautiful too. I’ve seen it before – a few years ago in a magazine – and then forgot about it, but this time I thought I should share it with the world.

A piece by Daniel Rozin, it’s a mirror which uses wooden blocks and a carefully positioned light to produce the image that a small camera sees, in realtime. As a dark shape moves across the camera’s field of view, the wooden blocks are rotated to make a ‘mirror image’ of what stands before it. It struck me as being something which is a solution to a problem which doesn’t exist (as the mirror already does it’s job perfectly well). But on closer inspection it becomes a live piece of art, which will never be the same twice. Something which I would love to put on my wall, even if it is to see the blocks rotate around each time you put things in front of it.

Maybe I’m a geek, and maybe it isn’t the most amazing thing in the world, but, I personally think it is something that would keep me busy for hours, and not many pieces of art can do that.

Have a look at the artist’s website by clicking the picture above and look at the other things he has used to create mirrors and other interesting pieces of interactive art.