One of the most iconic items on the London landscape for years as been the Battersea Power Station. Since it was decommissioned in 1983 it has fallen into ruin and has been owned by three different people.

The third and current owners have taken it upon themselves to develop the plant and the area around it transforming it to a stunning and eco-friendly housing/shopping/working/hotelling (?) complex with a huge 1000 foot tall eco dome to work as a natural air con unit, out with the bad, and in with the good – as they say.

The huge tower would be the tallest thing in the city by far and the ability to haul solar power in gives it a great green potential.

The architect responsible in designing this beautiful building is the Uruguayan, Rafael Vinoly. Primarily known for his work in every corner of the United States, his creations can be found as far afield as Tokyo and London.

Everybody really admires the lengths this designer goes to, to make things look great. A real case of innovation becoming reality in every project. Click the picture above to see the work of a another brilliant architect first hand.