Previously we posted a short piece about a new style of extender plug which looked like a ship. One of the comments in feedback was that a more useful device would be a plug which fitted all your devices and worked around the world. Well, your prayers have been answered Mr. T.

This is a device which a company in the US called Green plug are trying to get off the ground… it’s probably best put in their words…

“Green Plug is the developer of Greentalk™ – a secure, digital protocol for realtime collaboration between devices that need power and their power sources. The first Green PlugT™ implementation is a highly efficient power adapter hub that is able to simultaneously power multiple devices, each with its own energy demand. Green Plug™ technology maximizes resources, minimizes solid waste from obsolete chargers, and eliminates wasted energy. When devices collaborate with power supplies, an unprecedented amount of monitoring, control and optimization becomes possible.”

Have a look at the image above, then click it to go to their website for details on the product development. Hopefully one day this will be the answer to all our charger/power source woes… now if only it contained its own perpetual motion generator, it would be a perfect machine.