This is a great little thing. It looks like a simple 100 dollar note, but upon closer inspection it is made up from 10,000 little drawings. The artists, Aaron Koblin and Takashi Kawashima, produced a single image from data collected over a period of 5 months. Each small piece of the collage was produced by random visitors to a website, who were, in return paid 1¢ US for their art.

The website where the art is hosted is still available and you can see each and every one of the 10,000 pieces as they were drawn (each drawing was recorded and is played back as you roll over the portion and click with your mouse.)

I found it interesting to see just how far some people would go to make an accurate reproduction of the portion of image they were assigned, whilst others were clearly giving exactly 1¢ worth of their time. As you explore the image you can see a great example of pointillism, one artist gives us a great portrait which is not on, or part of the 100 dollar bill, and others choose to leave messages on the note. The resulting image is available for the cost of $100 and (surprisingly) limited to an edition of 10,000.

Art like this is a great use of the web and the technologies available for use upon it and also proves to us all that art can appear outside the realm of canvas and marble. Technically, the dwell times and footfall are incredible too, most websites would kill for stats like this.

Anyway, why not wander across to the site yourself and see just how interesting this project is, clicking the picture above will take you there.